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This blog and my style blog are run solely by myself, Makenzie Irling. Any other persons claiming that they are me, work with me, etc. are liars. I’m a little pissed that someone is attempting to scam creators by using my name and blog, specifically kellycrowed Resident.

Please ignore or report any conversations with this person as they are fraudulent in their claims.


Coed II


Posters: images from Google

Shelf: [kusshon] —- Old Book Shelf with Books

Books: jr. —- Four Books

Lamp: nordari —- Lamp Redberry

Bike: [mdrm] —- Bycycle Red

Sofa: *LOTTA —- Mr Aiden Type M

Fan: *atmosphere works* —- Floor Fan D

Books: HBLYS —- Book Set 2

Rug: The Loft —- Blankie


Vhs: -RC- —- Full House Tape Pile 1

Atari: SMERSH —- Atari 2600 Stella

TV: Sway’s —- TV Time Retro

Boxes: -RC- —- Moving Box

Lights: (Creamshop) —- Grape Lights Red

Rug: [North West] —- Round Fur Rug

Games: Second Spaces —- Pile O’ Games

Cards: -RC- —- Card Players Card Pile

Can: )) HANAUTA (( —- Cheer!Beer!

Radiator: Barcode – White Radiator

Blinds: [ARIA] —- Aurora Blind-Static

Air Conditioner: -RC- Air Conditioner

Plants: Kyoot —- Small Pink Flower / Picnic —- Lace & Moss


Trash’s Bed: Barcode —- Dorm Loft Bed

Book: Brownie Honi —- Book C

Bulletin Board: nordari —- Pinbee Music

Desk: [ARIA] —- Eden Dining Table

Lamp: The Loft —- Ace Table Lamp

Book: jr. —- One Book Plain

Picture Frame: [ARIA] —- Apple Simple Picture Frame

Laptop: [ARIA] —- Odessa Deco laptop

Notepad and Book: Second Spaces —- Claire Stationary

Radio: /artilleri/ —- The Levine Radio

Trashcan: [G] —- Trashcan White

Chair: The Loft —- Bailey Chair

Shoes: [ARIA] —- Celia Decorative Slip On


Tapestry: Knopfe —- Hanging Suzani Pastel

Table: CORN — Dining Table No. 03

Lamp: blah to wah —- Voyage Lamp

Books: Foglie —- Old Book 3, 4

Sandwich: -RC- —- Deli Sandwich Club

Can: Can: )) HANAUTA (( —- Cheer!Beer!

Chairs: Daisyblue Heffer —- Folding Chair (tinted) / *Great North* —- Lawn Chair Khaki

Bottles: Drowsy —- Bottle 3, 6

Jar: *atmosphere works* —– Jam

Plates: muu Ceriano —- Dish Piled Up

Microwave: *TB* —– Microwave Steel v1.2

Fridge: [ARIA] —- Emma Mini Fridge

Broom: *atmosphere works* —- Broom


Kenzie’s Bed: Barcode —- Dorm Loft Bed

Lamp: [ARIA] —- Seattle Drawing Table Light

Bear: Gritty Kitty —- Toki’s Deddy Bear

Bulletin Board: Barcode —- Bulletin Board

Artwork: Aldero Akami —- Sketch Book Zombies

Desk: REZ —- Wood Table

Computer: Kenster Bade —- Mac

Pencil Holder: { what next } —- Blogger’s Office Pencil Cup

Mug: [MAGIC NOOK] —- Mug Vintage Coffee

Books: { what next } —- Row of Books

Organizer and Notebook: Second Spaces —- Culver Writing Desk Books

Lamp: { what next } —- Blogger’s Office Desk Lamp

Clock: LISP Bazaar —- Cube Clock Retro Red

Cabinet: [ARIA] —- Cleo File Caddy

Chair: [ARIA] —- Odessa Office Chair

Rug: [North West] —- Dark Grey Rug

Backpack: [HUFS] —- Multi Backpack

Boxes: { what next } —- File Box / Second Spaces —- Accessory Boxes Red

Coed I

Seeing as how school is starting back up this month the amazing Trash Wahwah (be sure to check out his decor blog) and I decided to collaborate on a dorm room style post.  We each brought our own favorite pieces into the room, individually decorating our bed areas and working together in the common areas.  I was overjoyed to work with Trash on this post and even more overjoyed to find out that the microwave cooked hotdogs and mac’n’cheese haha.


Build: by me, not for sale

Rug: [ARIA] —- Celia Rug


Plastic Tubs: blonde* —- The Abra Tub not available

Books (in tub): jr. —- Assorted Novels

Towels (in tub): Turnip’s —- Folded Towel Stack

Zebra: Awesome Blossom —- Stuffed Zebra

Hangers: bitter vanilla —- Hanger

Bench w/baskets and boots: {theosophy} —- Raikes Shoe Rack

Flats: :[MudHoney]: —- Flats on the Floor

Heels: :[MudHoney]: —- Shoes on the Floor

Shoeboxes: *~MMG’s~* —- Shoes Paper Box

Cardboard Boxes: ILLClan Prop Shop


Lightswitch: VA —- Polished Light Switch

Mirror: Turnip’s —- Bubble Bathroom Cabinet

Sink: Turnip’s Bubble Bathroom Sink

Cabinet: REZ —- Wood Shelf

Radio: bitter vanilla —- radio

Towels: Barcode —- Stack o’ Towels

Glass Jars: Turnip’s —- Qtip Jar, Cotton Ball Jar

Boxes: Second Spaces —- Accessory Boxes Green

Assorted Jars: Dutchie —- 3 Makeup Pots, Powderbox / Second Spaces —- Vanity Bottles

Basket: Paper Antler —- Md Basket Dark Brown

Rug: {theosophy} —- Whelston Beach Towel


Light: Vince Vlodovic —- Hanging Flourescent

Poster: image from google

Trashcan: [kusshon] —- Wastepaper Basket Full

Toilet: Turnip’s —- Bubble Bathroom Toilet

Plunger: Turnip’s —- Bubble Bathroom Plunger

Cabinet: REZ —- Wood Chest

Shower: made by Trash

Shower Hardware: [mdrm] —- Shower

Down by the Sea III

Down by the sea

Bed: Art Dummy! —- Chalk Dust Bed

Pillow: part of Mudhoney —- Sofa Winter

Rug: —- Rug no longer available

Nightstands: Kinokoko —- Antique Cabinet White

Lamps: { what next } —- Lottie Lamp

Books: jr. —- Assorted Novels

Jar: Barcode —- Shell Star Sand Jar currently not available (more…)

Down by the Sea II

Down by the sea

Lamps: Y’s House —- Enamel Shade Lamp

Basket: kopi —- Wire Basket w/Eggs

Stools: blonde* —- Bar Stool no longer available

Placemats: *MW* —- Rug N

Salt/Pepper Shakers: {theosophy}

Chalkboards: butterdish —- currently not available (more…)

Down by the Sea I

Down by the sea

House: Y’s House —- Omise heavily modded

Chairs: *MH* —- Canvas Chair Cream

Glass: [ Love Soul ] —- Iced Water (more…)

Audiophile III


Wall Records: The Loft —- Record Mirrors

Photos: Arcadia Asylum —- Kitsch Art Collection, +mushake —- Happy Cat Embroidered Picture, Happy Kitty Embroidered Picture, Vintage Beauty

Clock: *chronokit* —- Clock No 09 Rust

Board: (arcade) —- Letter Board (more…)