Interior design on a whim

Coed II


Posters: images from Google

Shelf: [kusshon] —- Old Book Shelf with Books

Books: jr. —- Four Books

Lamp: nordari —- Lamp Redberry

Bike: [mdrm] —- Bycycle Red

Sofa: *LOTTA —- Mr Aiden Type M

Fan: *atmosphere works* —- Floor Fan D

Books: HBLYS —- Book Set 2

Rug: The Loft —- Blankie


Vhs: -RC- —- Full House Tape Pile 1

Atari: SMERSH —- Atari 2600 Stella

TV: Sway’s —- TV Time Retro

Boxes: -RC- —- Moving Box

Lights: (Creamshop) —- Grape Lights Red

Rug: [North West] —- Round Fur Rug

Games: Second Spaces —- Pile O’ Games

Cards: -RC- —- Card Players Card Pile

Can: )) HANAUTA (( —- Cheer!Beer!

Radiator: Barcode – White Radiator

Blinds: [ARIA] —- Aurora Blind-Static

Air Conditioner: -RC- Air Conditioner

Plants: Kyoot —- Small Pink Flower / Picnic —- Lace & Moss


Trash’s Bed: Barcode —- Dorm Loft Bed

Book: Brownie Honi —- Book C

Bulletin Board: nordari —- Pinbee Music

Desk: [ARIA] —- Eden Dining Table

Lamp: The Loft —- Ace Table Lamp

Book: jr. —- One Book Plain

Picture Frame: [ARIA] —- Apple Simple Picture Frame

Laptop: [ARIA] —- Odessa Deco laptop

Notepad and Book: Second Spaces —- Claire Stationary

Radio: /artilleri/ —- The Levine Radio

Trashcan: [G] —- Trashcan White

Chair: The Loft —- Bailey Chair

Shoes: [ARIA] —- Celia Decorative Slip On


Tapestry: Knopfe —- Hanging Suzani Pastel

Table: CORN — Dining Table No. 03

Lamp: blah to wah —- Voyage Lamp

Books: Foglie —- Old Book 3, 4

Sandwich: -RC- —- Deli Sandwich Club

Can: Can: )) HANAUTA (( —- Cheer!Beer!

Chairs: Daisyblue Heffer —- Folding Chair (tinted) / *Great North* —- Lawn Chair Khaki

Bottles: Drowsy —- Bottle 3, 6

Jar: *atmosphere works* —– Jam

Plates: muu Ceriano —- Dish Piled Up

Microwave: *TB* —– Microwave Steel v1.2

Fridge: [ARIA] —- Emma Mini Fridge

Broom: *atmosphere works* —- Broom


Kenzie’s Bed: Barcode —- Dorm Loft Bed

Lamp: [ARIA] —- Seattle Drawing Table Light

Bear: Gritty Kitty —- Toki’s Deddy Bear

Bulletin Board: Barcode —- Bulletin Board

Artwork: Aldero Akami —- Sketch Book Zombies

Desk: REZ —- Wood Table

Computer: Kenster Bade —- Mac

Pencil Holder: { what next } —- Blogger’s Office Pencil Cup

Mug: [MAGIC NOOK] —- Mug Vintage Coffee

Books: { what next } —- Row of Books

Organizer and Notebook: Second Spaces —- Culver Writing Desk Books

Lamp: { what next } —- Blogger’s Office Desk Lamp

Clock: LISP Bazaar —- Cube Clock Retro Red

Cabinet: [ARIA] —- Cleo File Caddy

Chair: [ARIA] —- Odessa Office Chair

Rug: [North West] —- Dark Grey Rug

Backpack: [HUFS] —- Multi Backpack

Boxes: { what next } —- File Box / Second Spaces —- Accessory Boxes Red


3 responses

  1. Shinesse Madison

    I must say you always come up with the most amazing rooms.

    September 13, 2010 at 11:09 pm

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