Interior design on a whim

Coed I

Seeing as how school is starting back up this month the amazing Trash Wahwah (be sure to check out his decor blog) and I decided to collaborate on a dorm room style post.  We each brought our own favorite pieces into the room, individually decorating our bed areas and working together in the common areas.  I was overjoyed to work with Trash on this post and even more overjoyed to find out that the microwave cooked hotdogs and mac’n’cheese haha.


Build: by me, not for sale

Rug: [ARIA] —- Celia Rug


Plastic Tubs: blonde* —- The Abra Tub not available

Books (in tub): jr. —- Assorted Novels

Towels (in tub): Turnip’s —- Folded Towel Stack

Zebra: Awesome Blossom —- Stuffed Zebra

Hangers: bitter vanilla —- Hanger

Bench w/baskets and boots: {theosophy} —- Raikes Shoe Rack

Flats: :[MudHoney]: —- Flats on the Floor

Heels: :[MudHoney]: —- Shoes on the Floor

Shoeboxes: *~MMG’s~* —- Shoes Paper Box

Cardboard Boxes: ILLClan Prop Shop


Lightswitch: VA —- Polished Light Switch

Mirror: Turnip’s —- Bubble Bathroom Cabinet

Sink: Turnip’s Bubble Bathroom Sink

Cabinet: REZ —- Wood Shelf

Radio: bitter vanilla —- radio

Towels: Barcode —- Stack o’ Towels

Glass Jars: Turnip’s —- Qtip Jar, Cotton Ball Jar

Boxes: Second Spaces —- Accessory Boxes Green

Assorted Jars: Dutchie —- 3 Makeup Pots, Powderbox / Second Spaces —- Vanity Bottles

Basket: Paper Antler —- Md Basket Dark Brown

Rug: {theosophy} —- Whelston Beach Towel


Light: Vince Vlodovic —- Hanging Flourescent

Poster: image from google

Trashcan: [kusshon] —- Wastepaper Basket Full

Toilet: Turnip’s —- Bubble Bathroom Toilet

Plunger: Turnip’s —- Bubble Bathroom Plunger

Cabinet: REZ —- Wood Chest

Shower: made by Trash

Shower Hardware: [mdrm] —- Shower


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