Interior design on a whim

Down by the Sea II

Down by the sea

Lamps: Y’s House —- Enamel Shade Lamp

Basket: kopi —- Wire Basket w/Eggs

Stools: blonde* —- Bar Stool no longer available

Placemats: *MW* —- Rug N

Salt/Pepper Shakers: {theosophy}

Chalkboards: butterdish —- currently not available

Down by the sea

Table: The Loft —- Butcher Block Steel

Egg Bowl: BP* —- Glass Bowl/Eggs

Cookie Jar: {theosophy} —- Stowe Cookie Cannister

Shelf: jr. —- Wooden Shelf

Jars: Barcode —- Kitchen Jars not currently available

Plates: -RC- —- Nana’s Plate Collection

Cookbooks: +mudshake —- Vintage Cookbook

Fridge: /artilleri/ —- Dexter Fridge

Container: Zazie Daviau —- Tupperware Large

Books: Foglie —- Old Book 4

Broom: *atmosphere works* —- Broom

Trashcan: blonde*

Recycle Bin: blonde*
Down by the sea

Pies: butterdish —- Caramel Apple Pie, Patsy’s Pie, Little Boxes —- Blueberry Pie

Wafflemaker: Reek —- Waffle Maker SL House & Garden Hunt item

Spoons/Jar: {theosophy} —- Stowe Spoon Holder

Stove: Barcode —- Stewart Stove currently not available

Kettle: *.:[K]:.* —- Kettle Red

Pot: muu Ceriano —- Longpot Smok

Utensils Rack: BP* —- Turner and Ladle

Lid Rack: :::teal::: —- Cover of Pan

Pots: muu Ceriano —- Lidpot, b.v. —- Enamel Pot 2 Sky, BP* —- Stewpan

Down by the sea

Sink: Barcode —- Stewart Kitchen Sink currently not available

Towel: Barcode —- Stewart Handtowel currently not available

Dishes: Zazie Daviau —- Fruits Yogurt

Soap: b.v. —- Dishwashing Liquid

Knife Block: {theosophy} —- Bleecker Knife Block

Cutting Board: {theosophy} —- Bleecker Cutting Board

Milk: *atmosphere works*

Bags: mocha Bellic

Jars: *atmosphere works* —- Jam

Containers: Zazie Daviau —- Poppy with Oreo, Tupperware Bowl, Tupperware Medium

Plates: muu Ceriano —- Dish Piled Up

Bowls: Picnic – Orange, Green


4 responses

  1. Marie

    Do you have a SLURL for BP…I can’t find it using “search”. Thanks

    August 6, 2010 at 3:39 pm

  2. Love this entire series! Makes me want to go on a shopping spree 🙂

    August 7, 2010 at 12:30 pm

  3. Mariska Tiponi

    Hi I love the way you have this house modded. Do you still have it set up to look at at all?

    May 3, 2011 at 8:20 pm

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