Interior design on a whim

Audiophile III


Wall Records: The Loft —- Record Mirrors

Photos: Arcadia Asylum —- Kitsch Art Collection, +mushake —- Happy Cat Embroidered Picture, Happy Kitty Embroidered Picture, Vintage Beauty

Clock: *chronokit* —- Clock No 09 Rust

Board: (arcade) —- Letter Board


Umbrella Stand: {creamshop} —- Umbrella Stand Blue

Rugs: nordari —- Brownish, Goldie

Magazines: +mudshake

Board Games: Dahaus —- Board Games

Table: /artilleri/ —- Bernard Dresser

Phone: blonde* —- Princess Phone

Books: jr. —- Four Books Assorted

TV: HOC —- Portable Telly

VHS Tapes: -RC- —- John Stamos Tape Pile 1,2

Luggage: magi take —- Suitcase Purple, Picnic —- Suitcase Br Check, Trunk Case Blue, —- Avery Collection Luggage Green


Antlers: blah to wah —- Mounted Antlers Framed

Scarf: {theosophy} —- Tegryn Summer Scarf

Fabric: [kusshon] —- Hanging Towel

Bag: -RC- —- Nana’s Green Bag Tree

Hat: *SL Freebie* —- Chapeu De Praia

Baskets: (PA) —- Baskets Dark Brown

Shoes: :[MudHoney]: —- Flats On The Floor

Bag: b.v. —- Linen Bag

Floor Records: +mudshake —- Deco Records

Box of Records: .: NSB :. —- Record Box 1,2

Record Shelves: [FSR] —- Vinyl Shelf

Speaker: [FSR] —- JBL-4343 R

Record Player: =Cloud 9.1= —- Vintage Record Player

Headphones: /artilleri/ —- Phonograf Earphones

Books: [Fox Labs] —- Sculpted Books

Lamps: (iTuTu) —- Ceiling Lamp Silver

Doll: Taklamakan Bisn —- Tanakenobj

Lamp: nordari —- Lamp Flower Garden

Chair: Adjunct Home —- Woodland Chair


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