Interior design on a whim

Audiophile II



Table: Barcode —- Bird Stump Table

Food: *atmosphere works* —- Breakfast Set, Jam Grape, Milk

Coffee Mug: {theosophy} —- This is a Fawn Breakfast Mug

Sofa: *atmosphere works* —- Sofa D

Newspaper: Dutchie —- Newspapers

Rug: .:Blue MoonPie:. —- Psychadelic Rug


Lamp: [*Art Dummy!] —- Chalk Dust Lamp

Dog Planter: Flio —- Blockdog Planter Yellow

Flowers (in order): (iTuTu) —- Planter 03, Drowsy —- Plant Yellow, [[[nocc.]]] —- Gerbera Orange, Drowsy —- Plant Brown, Kyoot Home —- Small Pink Flower, Picnic —- Mint, BP —- Clover Mug Cup Brown, Kyoot Home —- Small Mint Flower, Barcode —- Potted Orchid Red, [[[nocc.]]] —- Agapanthus One Light Purple, Drowsy —- Plant Blue, Kyoot Home —- Small Blue Flower

Birds: HPMD —- Little Birds Gray

Watering Can: -RC- —- Tulips Watering Can

Floor Flower: (iTuTu) —- Planter 01


Calendar: [KALAVINKA] —- Caca Calendar 8

Files: {what next} —- Office Notepads

Mail: Second Spaces —- Old Mail

Coffee Mug: {theosophy} —- Hello…Mug

Computer: Kenster Bade —- Mac

Stool: *DPyumyum* —- Stool Green

Pencil Cup: {what next} —- Blogger’s Office Pencil Cup

Stapler: SHAPLES —- Black Stapler

Lamp: —- Lamp 1 no longer available

Notebook: Reek —- Reeker Keeper

Organizer: Second Spaces —- Purple Leather Notebook

Dolls: nyamo Kimono —- Mato 01, 03, 05

Fan: *atmosphere works* —- Floor Fan D

Curtain: Picnic —- Tea Coaster Patchwork Curtain

Art: Aldero Akami


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